3D Elektroprint

About the project

Novel 3D printing solutions, which can deposit conductive inks at high resolution directly onto flat and freefrom surfaces, have recently become available .This allows more freedom of electronics design for a broad range of applications, e.g.: interconnections, passive components, sensors and antennas. This also allows to reply the growing demand for more dedicated SMART products with complex freeform shapes and electronic/electric properties. ...

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About us

In this project, the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, research group led by Eleonora Ferraris (AML), KU Leuven- Campus de Nayer, the Embedded Systems group led by Patrick Pelgrims (EmSys), Thomas More- Campus de Nayer, and UHasselt IMO, research group led by Wim Deferme are joining their expertise in jet based printing technologies and integrated device for knowledge transfer and development in the field of 3D printing of electronics.

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